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Hi, I’m Charlene and I have been working in the admin/office type setting for quite a long time now. I love working with people and helping in any way that I can.

Much like many other people who work in the office type -setting, fitness and proper nutrition wasn’t always the first priority; you kind of get sucked in. I knew I wanted something else but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what wasn’t right for me. I had a lot on my plate and had been through a lot of difficult life situations that took a significant toll on me. It would be easy to say that I basically lost myself for a few years.

As a busy Mom of 3 kids who are very active in every sport imaginable, we have a crazy schedule and are always on the go which makes finding the time around your busy life tough. Anytime I would get started with a gym membership or program it would be hard to follow through, or stay motivated and I found it really intimidating to be in a gym setting. To top it all off, I had Mom-Guilt for wanting to do anything for me.

When I was on maternity leave with my daughter, I stumbled across Alison’s Baby and U Program. Completely hesitant at first, I decided to give it a try, a little afraid and really unsure if I could handle it or actually stick with it and quickly fell in love with the manner in which Alison taught the program. Later I discovered this was the way that New U operated as a whole. She made it fun and it was easy to quickly realize that New U was a GENUINE place with no judgements. It really made it easy to overcome the engrained negative stereotype of a “gym” setting that I had in my mind.

I will say this, starting out is tough and finding the motivation around your busy life and not feeling guilty for taking the time out for yourself is not easy but it IS possible. Once you get there and you start to feel good about your choices you wonder how you didn’t do this before. It’s funny how taking one class really changed so many things for me. Sometimes fitness can change not only your physical shape, but so many other things as well.

Today, I believe in New U so much I am now privileged enough to call myself a part of the Team. I will continue on my own personal fitness journey along with all of the other members here like me and I am so excited to see where I go with it, and to achieve my future goals one step at a time. I know what it’s like to be new to this and am here 100 percent for every member and new client that walks through our door.


15 years customer service
6 + years in an Office/administrative-health setting
First Aid Certified / WHMIS Certified / Smart Serve
Activity Leader/Coach Respect in Sports Certificate (for managing Minor Hockey)
Balanced Habits Level 1 and 2 Nutrition Certification

Alison BROWN


I got my start into the world of fitness when my inspirational mom took a risk – she quit her long time career. She wasn’t seeing many people getting healthy working as an RN in a senior’s haven. She had worked in the medical field for almost 30 years but one day was brave enough to follow her heart and opened a fitness and wellness centre where she hoped people could come to work on preventative and restorative health.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with fitness. I loved how it made me feel. I loved how it made others who came in to the facility happy and I loved the incredible impact it made on so many people’s lives in our community. At the age of 16 I didn’t know to what capacity, but I knew fitness would always be a part of my life.

Today, after many years of personal training, nutrition coaching and having some amazing career highlights winning national and international awards, I have a dream to impact as many lives as possible with the amazing benefits fitness, healthy eating and proper supplementation have to offer. I am very blessed and privileged to be able to do this along side my best friend and husband, Graham Brown. Together I know we can make a difference. We are both very appreciative to have an amazing team of fitness professionals around us who really care about people and are inspired by our vision of sharing the transformative power of fitness with as many people as we possibly can. Nothing great was ever accomplished alone, so I am grateful for each and every staff member we have. Together, I know we are impacting lives, families and our local communities.

Every time I hear about a client overcoming depression, lowering their blood pressure and cholesterol, getting more confident and stronger, being able to run again, combating heart disease, losing weight, crossing a finish line, eliminating back pain, controlling diabetes and so many more, I can see why my mom took the risk she took and I feel very blessed to have been a part of it all. I can’t wait to see the impact become greater and the reach far broader and am committed to being a part of making this happen.


Owner / Operator: New U Listowel
Olympic Lifting Certified
Business of The Year 2015 Second Runner Up (North America Wide)
Functional Yoga & Pi-Yo Certified
Fitness Professional of the year 2008 (20 000 fitness professionals Canada wide)
Crossfit Level 1 & Weightlifting
CPTN Art & Science of Personal Training
Supplement Technician
Balanced Habits Level 1& 2 Nutrition Certification
Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
Performance Nutrition
Running Coach



Athletics has always been a big part of my life. From the time I was a child, sports, fitness and phys-ed were by far my favorite school activities and that early I knew I wanted to pursue fitness as a career in some capacity. After high school I got a degree in Physical Education and Kinesiology from Brock University and went to the University of Alberta to pursue a Masters in Sports Psychology and Coaching.

During University I spent a year overseas studying at an elite sports school where I taught North American sports and coached several high ranking athletes. It was here that I developed a passion for working as an athletic trainer and here that I realized my desire to have a career that allowed me to help people get stronger, faster, healthier and better. After University I moved back home to share what I had learned with my local community and joined Alison at New U to assist in reaching as many people as possible with the amazing benefits fitness and healthy living have to offer.

My qualifications in the fitness industry and passion for teaching have allowed me several excellent opportunities within the industry as an educator conducting courses for personal trainers and a presenter at fitness conferences and seminars. Together, Alison and I have won several awards and have thus far had a very fulfilling career within the fitness industry. Despite all of our accomplishments, in many ways I feel as if we are just getting started. I have big dreams and plans for the future of New U and know that with the help of the talented team around us and the incredible support of our amazing members we will achieve our goals of reaching more and more people with the benefits of fitness and healthy living. The sky’s the limit!


Owner / Operator: New U Listowel
Crossfit Level 1
BA Phys-ed / Kin + Masters at University of Alberta for sports psychology and coaching
Supplement Technician
Business of The Year 2015 Second Runner Up (North America Wide)
Mobility & Functional Fitness Certified
Entrepreneur of the year 2015 North Perth Chamber Of Commerce
Nccp level 3 soccer coach
CPTN Educator / Course Conductor and Presenter
CPTN Award Of Merit Winner
CPTN Art & Science of Personal Training Certification
Balanced Habits Level 1& 2 Nutrition Certification


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